João Pedro Costa

I discover hidden, unique places unknown to most and transform them into captivating photographs.

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My name is João Pedro Costa, and I am a photographer born in Sagres, Portugal, in 1973.

An only child, I quickly got used to being alone and playing by myself. As I grew up, I started to venture out and discover the surroundings of Sagres, finding it very pleasant to be alone in those harsh, wild, and raw places, full of energy.

More often than not, I found myself merging with those overwhelming landscapes. It felt as if the landscapes and I were one, a whole. And then it all started.

Joao pedro costa photo

My portfolio

The photographs of my portfolio are available for sale.

I only work with the best materials on the market.

Photographs can be printed using both DIASEC© technology and for wallpapers.

My work has received numerous awards in various contests and competitions.

Many of the photographs have been featured in various exhibitions across Portugal.